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Once-in-a-lifetime Dinner @ Ippon Yari

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

@ Ippon Yari

Last night after our exhausting work, we opted to have our dinner at a Japanese restaurant, Ippon Yari in FCIE. When we entered the area, we took off our shoes as what Japanese do.

The Dining section.

We ordered like there's no tomorrow.  

Our one of a lifetime dinner: 
I thought what we ordered was good for 4-5 persons..hahaha gluttonous?? na ah..o_0

the Condiments:

the spork... kidding.. Chopsticks...

Our menu:


    Futo Maki

    Ika Ring

    Age Yakisoba

The Drinks

Bill: $#!+

  The FoodTrippers...

Me, adam

Foodtrip buddy, mel

As what Gastronomicca whould rate:  4.9 out of 5 sporks...
*.1 for room for improvement

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arigatou gozaimashita, mata kite kudasai!


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