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FOOD TRIPPERS ON THE GO: Kanin Club @ Ayala Triangle

Monday, December 12, 2011

FoodTrippers Invade Ayala Triangle : Kanin Club

Kainan Club
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Ave., Bel-Air
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 621-6109

The Menu

Plain Rice     PhP 26
One serving of steamed fragrant Mindoro white rice. All the better to appreciate the flavors of the food.

Hototai Soup     PhP 224
This soup of fresh mixed vegetables with meat, squid and egg in chicken broth is so hospitable and cheery that it might just as well be Filipino

Crispy Dinuguan     PhP 261
Most copied signature dish. Pork heavenly deep-fried to a crisp then set in a semi-dry stew of pork blood.  It's proven to have convinced non-dinuguan eaters to like the dish.

The Drink
Green Iced Tea     PhP 54

The Interior

The FoodTrippers

 Julie, my sister, and Me...

The Rating

 Next stop: Amici and Caramia Gelateria...


jeffrey labergas said...

laveeetttt... wanna try amici too... soon..

jag said...

na.try ko na.. Amici kag Caramia...next ko na post..

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