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Hoping For Another Year

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Year..Hoping for Another Year

+1 is just a small quantity to ignore but if talks about time, it means BIG

practical and prudent
reasonable and hardworking
ambitious and disciplined
patient and careful
humorous and reserved
                                                                        - some of the common descriptions about CAPRICORN

Jan 12 is my day and as my habit on my day, i would just buy presents to pamper myself from a year of surprise...
i think 2012 would be my YEAR and i'm starting it RIGHT...

Bags and wallet from Yadu bags.. i feel love at first sight with this bag.. one of a kind
                                "Life is A Happening--- Carry on." -Yadu

Bob Ong's Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin... from National Bookstore

 I would like to find what scent suits my body.. from Clinique Happy to BVLGAGI AQVA.. from BENCH WIRED EDC to Bench Paradise Summer Edition... Bratsplash Kiwi Frost by BENCH

 Slippers from Penshoppe and Islander

T-shirts from Bench Body

Boxers from Bench Body.. Birthday gift from Aiza and Jeff.. THANKS...

Thanks for my sponsor: BENCH... hahaha


Aiza Coronado said...

Wow, damo gifts bah! hahaha. Happy birthday, adam! :)

jag said...

gift sa lawas..hahahaha kis.a lng ko gni mka baton gift halin sa iban.. feeling ko for the past 7 years sng bday ko, sbng lng ko naman nka baton indi halin sa akon..hahahha tnx sa inyo ni jip..

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